Debuting late in the summer of 2006, Papatzul – Mayan for “Food of the Lords” – opened its doors at 55 Grand Street in the quaint NYC neighborhood of SOHO with hopes redefining the Mexican dining experience. Papatzul boasts an impressive menu featuring authentic Mexican fare with a modern twist. Executive Chef Thierry Amezcua and his wife and co-owner Debby Amezcua had always dreamed of opening their restaurant together and Papatzul allowed that dream to become a reality.
   A native of México City , Thierry naturally decided to draw upon his cultural background and influence as a child growing up in Coyoacan a small town located in México City . Papatzul´s ambiance is warm and gently urges to journey into all that Mexico City has to offer. The fragrant aromas of traditional Mexican spices fill the air, beautiful Poster of the Golden age of Mexican Cinema and traditional Mexican Masks adorn the space. Also featured along the dining room walls, guests will notice the presence of three commanding candle lit iron trees of life, which were custom ordered specially for Papatzul by an artist in Mexico City. At Papatzul, you truly become submerged into a world that allows you to embrace the beauty of Mexico City.
  “Papatzul is about taking classic Mexican dishes and then doing your own thing on top of that”, said Thierry Amezcua. “Having been away from México for the past 20 years, I really wanted our guests to be able to come to Papatzul so they could experience the beauty of Mexican culture through the warm ambiance, decadent foods, classic cocktails and the traditional musical sounds of my home country”.
Papatzul accommodates seating for approximately 70 guests in a casual yet elegant dining room. I
n addition, Papatzul also features a colorful, lively bar, serving excellent Margaritas as well as an extensive Tequila and Mezcal list with over 40 selections to choose from.

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 Chef Thierry Amezcua